Whisky Review Jim Beam Red Stag

Those of you who know me will be in no doubt that Whisky is my alcoholic drink of choice. Dont get me wrong there is nothing better than an ice-cold beer on a hot summers day to make you feel you have not a care in the world and life just couldn’t get any better. Back to Whisky though, my true love…

I am a total amateur and have no formal knowledge of how to professionally taste whisky and if im honest I can’t always recognise the “woody notes, hint of fresh cut grass, honey finish, cigar smoke” and so on that the professionals refer to in their tasting notes. What I do understand is whether or not I enjoy it !

Todays review is for a very inexpensive everyday Bourbon from Jim Beam with a slight twist.

Now as an everyday alcoholic drink I am very fond of Jim Beam whisky though this offering has a twist in as much as its been infused with the flavour of Black Cherry ! Wow I love black cherries, which incidentally is why it ended up in my shopping basket at the supermarket.

In fact it is not that bad at all. I would class it more of a liqueur though as after one or two measures it becomes too sweet for my palate. The cherry flavour is strong but pleasant and lingers on the palate for sometime. Maybe this needs to be mixed with some cola to bring out its true quality and to disperse that intense sweetness?

A hint of garlic rating  12 / 20

Reviews coming soon;

Isle of Jura Origin 10 year old  –  Lagavulin 16 year old  –  Glenmorangie Original 10 year old


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  1. LOL. Well, at least you went into it with an open mind! (And, as a fellow whisky blogger, I feel that I should probably thank you for “taking one for the team” I definitely don’t have to try/review this now!)

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