The Earl of Sandwich would be proud !

There are times when you don’t feel like cooking a meal yet need something more filling than any ordinary snack. So what do you do ?

Well tonight we decided to make a nice thick cut hot sandwich. . .  Therein lay the next dilemma ! What kind of filling ? 

Beef & Horseradish ? Nah, we haven’t got any beef which could be problematic in its assembly 🙂  Wait what about Chicken & Stuffing ? ooops this time neither the chicken or the stuffing available. . .

Ah ha ! Brie Lettuce & Bacon

Now this is a sandwich that hits the spot ! Creamy ripe brie combined with fresh green lettuce and smokey crispy bacon sandwiched between delightfully soft fresh-baked bread.  Bet your feeling hungry for a sandwich now . . .

Well my fellow bloggers, whats your favourite sandwich ?


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