Whisky Review Lagavulin 16 Year Old Single Malt

Well my fellow whisky drinkers we have something rather special today !

To start with I feel I  should remind you that these are my own untrained thoughts as I am not a whisky expert by any stretch of the imagination.

Ok lets start with what the experts say about this very fine dram;

Lagavulin 16 Bottling Note

A much sought-after single malt with the massive peat-smoke that’s typical of southern Islay – but also offering a dryness that turns it into a truly interesting dram. The 16 year old has become a benchmark Islay dram from the Lagavulin distillery.

Lagavulin 16 Tasting Note

Nose: More like Lapsang Souchong tea than Lapsang Souchong! One of the smokiest noses from Islay. It’s big, very, very concentrated, and redolent of iodine, sweet spices, good, mature sherry and creamy vanilla. Stunning.
Palate: Very thick and rich. A massive mouthful of malt and sherry with good fruity sweetness, but also a wonderful sweetness. Big, powerful peat and oak.
Finish: Long, spicy finish, figs, dates, peat smoke, vanilla.

So the question your all asking is what do i think ??  Well let me set the scene for you. . .

Imagine your sat in a small friendly pub on the Isle of Islay in the middle of a horrendous gale with a view out to the rocky shoreline. You see the waves crashing down on the rocks as the rain lashes against the pub window. And there’s you sat nice and warm by the roaring log fire with a whisky in your glass that is warming every single part of your soul. This my friends is that whisky !

Wow its incredible ! The taste is so rich and peaty with a deep smoke that lingers in the mouth. This is a full flavoured grown up whisky that should be in everyone’s collection.

Hint Of Garlic Rating 19 / 20   ( Yes ! It’s really that good )


12 responses

  1. Scotch was my choice back when I did drink whiskey…though I never got to taste anything like this one, I am sure.. though, I know by comparison of some 12 year old Jamison Irish Whiskey I had once, that this Scotch must absolutely be as smooth as applesauce. ( Found your site @ Blue Jellybean) love it…
    Bless You

    • Thank you. I was a little nervous at first as there are many “experts” out there that know an awful lot about whisky tasting. I dont have that advanced palate so concentrate on letting you know if i think its worth trying and if i enjoyed it. Really appreciate the encouragement. My collection stands at around 45 bottles so plenty of reviews to follow. If you have any requests let me know

  2. Experts? Bah. Who needs them! Lovely review of an outstanding whisky. I have had it on numerous occasions over the years and have bought many a bottle. It’s like spending time with an old friend. Great use of the verb “to lash”! Reminds me of a Ken Bruen novel. He uses lashings and ferocity alot in his writing. Quite vivid and violent don’t you think?


    • Hey G-Lo thanks very much for your comments. Ive read quiet a few of your whisky reviews so its great to hear you agree with my views on Lagavulin. Stunning dram and now i’m torn between this and my trusty friend Laphroaig as to which is my favourite now. . . Maybe i should just keep both to hand?

      • Yo HOG (that doesn’t seem right!)!

        They are both excellent! Polygamy is perfectly acceptable in the world of whisky. I say have a whisky repertoire and let the bottle match your mood! 🙂


      • Well i guess that answers the question, why have i got to hands? clearly one to hold the Laphroaig and the other for the Lagavulin :0) By the way i like the photo of the bottle collection. Keep meaning to group my whisky together for a “family” shot

      • Glad you like the photo! It was one of the first photos that I ever took that had me playing around with the settings in iPhoto. I rarely mess with the iPhoto settings (except for cropping and straughtening), but it turns out that I had the settings all wrong on my camera and pretty much screwed up the photo. I tweaked it here and there and wound up with a photo that I really like. My poor camera skills gave me lemons, and I made lemonade. Or something like that. 🙂

    • Yes peated whisky isn’t to everyone’s liking however if your going to give them a try the Lagavulin is a very fine example and worth a go. Got a few Speyside whiskies in my collection so keep an eye out on my future reviews as there may be some you recognise

    • It really is an amazing dram, not sure whether its the pricepoint or lack of marketing however many people I talk to have never heard of it let alone given it a try. You will notice if you follow our blog that i will very rarely give a 19 / 20 which again indicates just how special this whisky is

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